Allied Telesis Group’s Efforts

What We do Today,
to Ensure a Better Society for the Next Generation.

  • Supporting IT Professionals
    Strong network infrastructure is essential for a solid economic foundation and sustainable economic growth. Allied Telesis provides One-Stop services from network installation to management and operation, enabling customers to achieve a work-life balance by improving work efficiency. We will continue to support a society in which people can live a full human life, with the latest technology.
  • Supporting Social Change with IT
    Allied Telesis provides variety of solutions and services for the communities to achieve an environment where people can live healthy and happy, and no regional differences in learning environment. For communities to be a safe and sustainable place to live, we support strengthening information infrastructure in all markets, including hospitals, schools, and municipalities, and take on the challenge of using information technology to lead sustainable development of society.
  • Connecting to the
    Next Generation and the Future
    We are committed to minimize the harmful effects on human health and the environment caused by hazardous chemical substances and CO2 emissions during product development and manufacturing, and to implement environmentally friendly measures. For the next generation and the generation after to live in a better global environment, we are also committed to environmental conservation activities such as green procurement activities, products that achieve the Energy Conservation Law, and eco-friendly products in order to preserve this rich natural environment.
    In addition, we ensure gender equality among our employees through recruitment and human resource development policies that do not discriminate between men and women, and work toward a sustainable business model by creating an environment in which all employees are comfortable working.