Our Business

Allied Telesis Group principally operates three businesses: network products, solutions, and support services. The Group engages in marketing, research and development, production, sales, and support services to respond flexibly and promptly to diverse needs in a rapidly changing market.

Network Product Business

With pride as a network manufacturer, we have been working to manufacture high-quality products that have leading-edge technology and are cost-effective. We are committed to developing products for the secure, easy and comfortable use of leading-edge network technology.


Founded as a manufacturer specializing in network equipment, Allied Telesis Group has been committed to bringing only high-quality products to market. At its own plants in Singapore, China, and Malaysia, the Group realizes Japanese quality through comprehensive quality control, making the most of the sophisticated production technology and expertise that it has developed through the manufacturing of network equipment. The foundation of the competitiveness of the Group’s hardware is its ability to directly reflect requirements for development and customer needs in its products.


Building a safe, reliable, and scalable network system involves software having functions and technologies that support the system. The core of the software is AlliedWare Plus™, a network OS that the Group has developed independently. AlliedWare Plus™ excels at communicating large volumes of data, including camera and video data, and is designed to make network management easy for customers. AlliedWare Plus™ has distinctive functions, including Autonomous Management Framework™(AMF) for stable system operation, SES, which can isolate terminals with a suspected virus at the edge in collaboration with partner security systems, and Autonomous Wave Control™(AWC), an autonomous wireless LAN solution developed through an industry-academia partnership. AlliedWare Plus™ is the best network OS for IoT infrastructure.

Solution Business

We provide optimum ecosystem solutions for a variety of systems, combining our network products with our partners’ products, which complement each other. In recent years, the demands on network security have increased. We are striving to expand solutions that will expand the possibilities of network infrastructure, including systems where network infrastructure blocks unauthorized access in collaboration with security software and asset management software, as well as systems where monitoring cameras monitor and detect physical hazards, including acts of terrorism.

Support Service Business

We adopt the system most suited to the customer’s environment through a cycle of system planning and consulting, installation and structuring, operation and monitoring, and education. Our objective is to support stable operations.

We provide the maximum support for customers’ systems and offer Safety, Security, and Ease of Use, leveraging the knowledge that we have developed through the research and development of network products, the advanced technologies we possess as a corporate group specialized in networks, and our experience in managing worldwide networks.