Our Business

Delivering Reliable Technology and Services

From thorough market research to manufacturing, we ensure quality. We offer One-Stop solutions, from consultation to support, meeting all clients' needs.


IT Infrastructure Business

Promotes DX and IoT adoption by providing various IT infrastructure products and solutions to ease the growing burden on IT administrators, ensuring user-friendly network environments.

  • ■ Networking Product
  • ■ Operating System
  • ■ Integrated Network Management
  • ■ Network Operation Monitoring Tools
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  • awp
  • cc
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  • vme

IT Service Consulting Business

Provides One-Stop Support for IT infrastructure issues, ensuring peace of mind from initial consultation to post-implementation services.

  • ■ Implementation Support
  • ■ Operation Support
  • ■ Product Maintenance
  • ■ Business Outsourcing
  • ■ Human Resource Development
    (Network and Security Training)

Cyber Security Business

Offers security solutions incorporating "diagnosis and investigation" with "countermeasures and reinforcement". Additionally, provides measures and employee training in the event of cyber attacks.

  • ■ Vulnerability Assessment Services
  • ■ Ransomware Prevention Solutions
  • ■ Infected Endpoint Detection and Control
  • ■ Security Course Curriculum
  • ■ Incident Response Education and Training Course
  • ■ SASE Service