Handling of Personal Information

  • Purposes of Use of Personal Information

    Allied Telesis Holdings K.K. (hereinafter, "we," "our," or "the company") collects and manages the personal information of customers according to our Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy requires the clear indication and obtaining the consent of customers of the purpose of using customers' personal information and also establishes the methods of handling personal information, when necessary, within the scope required for achieving said purposes. * For details of the Privacy Policy, please see this link.

  • The company may, when necessary, acquire customers' personal information including names, addresses, email addresses, places of employment, job titles, etc., through the reception of applications for email information distribution services from our Web sites, the use of questionnaires at a variety of events, the purchase of our network products or services, inquiries made to the company, etc. In such cases, the company may use the acquired personal information only for the following purposes:

    • The Company shall only use Personal Identifiable Information (your company names, names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc.) for the following purposes.
      • For enhancing our network products and services for greater customer satisfaction,
      • For providing services to customers who purchased our network products and/or services,
      • For providing information on events, seminars and campaigns the company and our business partners consider useful for customers,
      • For contacting customers for other purposes, as needed,
    • The Company may analyze the acquired information such as browsing history and purchase history and use it for the following purposes.
      • For customizing our Web sites according to usage by customers, and
      • For informing customers of the most up-to-date information on our network products and services,
      • For conducting market surveys including the usage status and operating environments of our network products and services.

    Specific Personal Information shall be used for executing affairs related to the Individual Number according to paragraph 3 of article 9 of the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in the Administrative Procedure.

  • The company may request that applicants for employment submit their resumes, curriculum vitae or other personal information. The company analyze information such as resumes, curriculum vitae etc. obtained in interviews when recruiting human resources, as well as information such as history on the recruitment web site and use the analysis results for decision of acceptance or rejection.
    The resumes, curriculum vitae and other personal information shall be safely eliminated six (6) months after submission in the case that an employment offer is not made.