Allied Telesis Partners with Norwich University to Provide Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Education and Training Courses



TOKYO, Japan – March 7, 2018 – With the goal of strengthening its security-related business, Allied Telesis K.K. (Chairman & CEO: Takayoshi Oshima) has partnered exclusively with Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont, USA to launch a new slate of cybersecurity education and training courses, as well as enhanced vulnerability diagnosis and countermeasure services.

As the nature of cyber-attacks becomes increasingly complex, it is essential to develop ironclad countermeasures that ensure the integrity of data systems and provide peace of mind to consumers; for this reason, the Japanese government has made cybersecurity a top priority. In 2017, the government’s cybersecurity strategy division identified a number of key points of focus, including but not limited to: the promotion of safe cybersecurity practices at all levels of an organization; IoT systems security; educational initiatives designed to nurture new cybersecurity professionals; and international cooperation in cyber defense strategy.

As a world leader in providing Secure Enterprise SDN (SES) solutions, Allied Telesis is pleased to partner with Norwich University Applied Research Institutes (NUARI) to provide cutting-edge training and education services that address cybersecurity competency relative to each level of an organization.

Courses and training exercises that address cybersecurity countermeasures are conducted using the DECIDE Platform, a web conference tool developed by NUARI. DECIDE simulates a broad range of cyber threats and incident scenarios and presents them via a dynamic online environment, giving users hands-on experience in honing their real-time decision-making skills, as well as bolstering their ability to address threats promptly and thoroughly. More than 15 industry-specific scenarios are available within the platform and have been utilized by participants ranging from members of U.S. government organizations, to the finance industry and private companies.

Philip T. Susmann, President of NUARI stated, “I am beyond thrilled for this exclusive partnership as the efforts and initiatives are extremely complementary of each other, and Allied Telesis is truly a leader in their industry.”

In addition to the DECIDE Platform, Allied Telesis offers exercises via the CSX Training Platform, developed by ISACA. This training program utilizes the latest cloud technology to construct a virtual laboratory in which participants can develop their skills in digital forensics.

Allied Telesis is proud to announce the establishment of Allied Telesis Cybersecurity Laboratory, a state-of-the-art penetration testing module that encompasses a number of valuable functions. As of the first quarter of 2018, users may conduct research and development, perform assessments to diagnose vulnerabilities in client networks and extrapolate that data to consider the possibility of a security incident and its consequences, and recommend appropriate countermeasures for implementation. Used in tandem with these vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services, Allied Telesis's SES solutions are applicable to security products in Japan and around the world. Devices confirmed or suspected to be infected can be quarantined using Allied Telesis's switch products, preventing the further spread of viruses.

Allied Telesis launched all courses in conjunction with the CSX Training Platform on January 18, 2018; the vulnerability diagnosis and countermeasure services, as well as all courses provided through NUARI’s DECIDE Platform, will launch in the second quarter of 2018. For more information, please visit and for further inquiries, please contact Allied Telesis Academy at 03-5437-6066 or

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