A Message from the CEO

Create Safe and Affluent Society through the Network

In the IoT society where everything (every device) is connected to a network, the comfortable and secure network infrastructure is demanded. To address the demand, our Allied Telesis group provide the flexible efficient network solutions and products, and service with high added-value.

Last year, in 2019, we made efforts to strengthen the functionality of “AMF,” the integrated management solution, which allows network manager and administrator to reduce their work load and has earned high evaluation by worldwide customers. Also we expanded the line-up of wired/wireless products and have gained many inquiries from a variety of business fields and categories.

Entering in the IoT era, we are able to obtain enormous data from any kinds of things. However, various types of devices connecting constantly to a network, which means we increasingly face the threats of cyber risks. If a company receives cyber attacks, its business would halt due to system trouble; the asset and confidential information would be leaked; it would lose the trust due to the customer information leakage; and the virus infection would be expanded to the customer network and the physical and financial damage would be huge.

We have nurtured both the advancement of network technologies and the expertise of our staff as a network equipment maker, and given the efforts to develop the technologies, cooperating with top-ranked academic institution. Through such development, we started some cyber security solutions including the “Net.CyberSecurity, vulnerability diagnosis service” and provide the security-superior network with some world-leading companies in the security field. Such technologies and solutions have earned high evaluation by government agency and medical institution of the world.

In the society in which digitalization and networking are accelerating, Allied Telesis group have many chances to make a leap forward. We continue striving to produce state-of-the-art technologies and provide highly added-value solutions and services to the world to realize a secure society with greater richness where any information utilizes safely.

Profile of Takayoshi Oshima
Takayoshi Oshima currently serves as a trustee of the Mineta Transportation Institute at San Jose State University, as an advisor emeritus of the US High Speed Rail Association, and as a board member of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group.