A Message from the CEO

A Message from the CEO

As we enter the IoT era in which everything is connected to a network, our society is moving towards a more convenient and rewarding lifestyle. Such a society requires reliable, secure and easy communication with massive traffic capacity. In particular, a superior wireless communication environment is demanded. To address this demand, our Allied Telesis Group has released a hybrid wireless communication system called Autonomous Wave Control - Channel Blanket (AWC-CB). This extension to wireless technology has been developed based on the results of joint industry-academia studies and is suitable for both mobile and fixed devices. It is the world’s first, new wireless LAN solution facilitating a stable wireless communication environment and has generated much interest from many customers in various business sectors.

However, the constant connection of devices to a network means that we face risks of cyberattacks that may steal information or cause service disruption. To counter this, we offer Secure Enterprise SDN (SES), an automated security solution that reduces the risk of attack. As a security solution for enterprises, governments, smart buildings and smart cities, it is highly rated by customers around the globe.

In addition, we have developed a comprehensive range of security services. We embarked on educational programs last year to develop IT engineers to become cybersecurity experts. We also launched penetration test services to conduct vulnerability assessments and research and develop effective countermeasures.

Amid the full-scale introduction of IoT, our Group has great opportunities to go further. To “create security for society through the network,” our Group strives to make next-generation technologies that lead to the realization of a secure and reassuring society with greater richness, offering security solutions and services with a focus on networks.

Profile of Takayoshi Oshima
Takayoshi Oshima currently serves as a trustee of the Mineta Transportation Institute at San Jose State University, as an advisor emeritus of the US High Speed Rail Association, as a member of the Executive Committee of the Aerospace Industries Association, and as a board member of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group.